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social developments - Middle class Christian values Noah...

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Social Developments, 1800 – 1860: 1. Education – Standardized American Education System a FORMAL GOVERNMENTAL EDUCATION SYSTEM DOES NOT EXIST. . Seasonal, temporary teachers, in and out, etc. Church organizations built their own schools and provided instruction to promote literacy. Horace Mann – believes in education and the need for it in states, cities, etc, Was against HIRING YOUING PEOPLE to work in factories, shops, harbors, etc. He wanted kids in school. He believed the best thing for the country is to educate the next generation. Wants to create a standardized education system. a lot of Americans do actually know how to read already because of NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES . These two are keeping people literate, etc. McGuffey Readers – small, short readers, distributed by churches etc, to poor people so they could learn to live as good Christians. Workers in factories are targets for the readers.
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Unformatted text preview: Middle class Christian values Noah Webster – The dictionary is produced, the first ever, other than poor Richards almanac. Beginning of the American style English. Lyceums – lectures! Places where people come and talk about anything and everything. People write down, take notes, engage, think, comprehend, people go to these “lectures” and they are entertaining, promote literacy and education. 2. Religion 2 nd Great Awakening, 1820-1840 New Church organizations Episcopalian Congregational Church of Christ Charles Finney Non-conformist religious groups Shakers Oneidans Complex marriages Miller-ites William Miller Seventh Day Adventist 1 Latter Day Saints (Mormons) Joseph Smith Book of Mormon Brigham Young Utah & Oregon Polygamy Catholics Irish & German immigrants Parochial schools Know Nothing Party 3. Literary writers Henry David Thoreau Walden Walt Whitman Free verse 2...
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social developments - Middle class Christian values Noah...

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