WomentheSouthwestANDFarWest - Women the Southwest Far West...

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Status of women – Second class citizens, cannot vote, can’t divorce or testify against men, defined/treated as second class citizens, involved with starting this country, took care of the home, but despite these they are denied rights etc. Textile workers – fashions garmets/clothing, women make up 80-90% of the workforce. Women are becoming a HUGE WAGE EARNING LABOR FORCE. New generation of women. Reformers- women become POLITICAL, Temperance Movement – ATTACK ALCOHOL, led mainly by women going after alcohol and specifically attacking alcoholism. Many women believe the country is dependent on alcohol. There are no laws of ages etc on drinking. Everyone is drinking. Alcoholism is rampant. VIOLENCE is at an all time high especially DOMESTIC VIOLENCE against WOMEN and CHILDREN. People begin to organize, and the goal is to BAN/LIMIT/OUTLAW making, selling, and distributing alcohol. Want to stop alcoholism. MEN HATE THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT. Public movement, calling men out, men don’t like it – “How dare a woman question me?” It was dangerous to be a apart of this movement. Advanced Schools – women cannot attend schools, segregation, etc. Women go ahead and start the Advanced Schools. Emma Willard started these and wanted to teach women. Teach math, English, nursing, medicine, goal of advanced schools is to train women to become more than just a mother and a wife. Middle and high school level women. To become professionals. Emma Willard Mental Health Clinics – asylums, mental/physical deformities, receive proper assistance. Dorthea Dix is responsible for cleaning up mental health asylum clinics, staff weren’t properly trained, guards were abusive, positive and aggressive assistance to mental idiots. Dorthea Dix Political Issues – Women begin to engage in politics. Issue of SLAVERY. Whether or not slavery should be abolished. Polarized country. Women would side, step back
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WomentheSouthwestANDFarWest - Women the Southwest Far West...

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