Interview with Isaac Asimov

Interview with Isaac Asimov -...

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Unformatted text preview: file:///E|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Princess%20Delilah/Desktop/Isaac%20Asimov/Interview%20with%20Isaac%20Asimov.txt 08/27/1988 DR ISAAC ASIMOV TALKS WITH SLAWEK WOJTOWICZ Slawek Wojtowicz 1988 SW: If you ask any SF fan in Poland "who is Isaac Asimov?" he or she will answer without any hesitation - "one of the greatest SF writers in the World". You might be surprised to learn that you are so famous in a country where only a small fraction of your works has been translated into the native language and the majority of people cannot read English. But an average Polish fan wouldn't be able to say much about Isaac Asimov as a person. What could you tell us about your life? IA: Well, I was born in the Soviet Union in 1920, came to the United States with my family in 1923 and lived in New York since. I got my Ph.D. at Columbia University in 1948. I'm married and have two children from my first marriage. I started reading Science-Fiction when I was nine years old. I sold my first story when I was eighteen and my first book when I was thirty. Since then I have published 394 books. I have twenty five other books in press. Some of these are mysteries, some are children' books, others are on straight science, literary subjects, humor, mythology - on everything I can think of. SW: Can you tell us how your day time schedule looks like? IA: This morning I did my weekly science column for the "Los Angeles Times" Syndicate. I'm working on a novel - it is little over half finished in first draft. Pretty soon it will be time to write my monthly essay for "Fantasy and Science Fiction". I'm writing a big "History of Science" and I've got up to 1945, so it is only little over forty years left, but they were very hard forty years... So I've got lots of work. SW: Do you have any time left for other things besides writing? IA: All I do is write. I do practically nothing else, except eat, sleep and talk to my wife. SW: Is it a secret what are you working on now? IA: The novel is called "Nemesis". It is not a part of any other series I'm doing - it is not as "Foundation" nor robot novels. It's something completely different. file:///E|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Princess%20De...saac%20Asimov/Interview%20with%20Isaac%20Asimov.txt (1 of 7)11/16/2005 11:15:29 AM file:///E|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Princess%20Delilah/Desktop/Isaac%20Asimov/Interview%20with%20Isaac%20Asimov.txt SW: What are your plans for the future? What topics are you going to explore? IA: I don't have any specific plans. I just keep turning out novels. Often publishers ask me to do something and that's how I know what I'll do next. SW: Have you ever written any screenplays for SF movies? IA: No, I'm no talent for that and I don't want to get mixed up with Hollywood....
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Interview with Isaac Asimov -...

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