project4 - ECE 301 Project 4: AM Radio Due July 15, 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 301 Project 4: AM Radio Due July 15, 2011 Introduction This project is intended to familiarize you with AM radio. This project will cover double-sideband (DSB), single-sideband (SSB), and asynchronous amplitude modulation schemes. The project will be broken down to help you modulate, then demodulate, and finally modulate and demodulate more than one signal at a time. Please go to the website and download the file, project4 It contains several wav files to be used in the project, and a function, ece301conv , which we will use to perform all our filtering. Modulation Write a function called AM mod to perform amplitude modulation of an input vector. It should be of the form y = AM mod(t, x, fb, fc, scheme) where t is a time vector, x is the input waveform, fc is the center frequency at which you want the new AM signal, fb is the highest frequency from the original signal you wish to preserve, and scheme is a character array that specifies which of the three methods is to be used (‘DSB’, ‘SSB’, or ‘asynchronous’). Regardless of the amplitude modulation scheme, you should first low-pass filter the signal. Once you have created your low-pass filter impulse response, h , convolve h with x by executing a command like the one below. x lpf = ece301conv(h,x); Note: we discussed the impulse response for an ideal low-pass filter in class. Approximate that by using the same formula and recognizing that you have a finite number of time points....
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project4 - ECE 301 Project 4: AM Radio Due July 15, 2011...

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