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project5 - ECE 301 Project 5 Resampling Audio Due...

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ECE 301 Project 5: Resampling Audio Due July 22, 2011 Introduction This project is intended to familiarize you with the concepts and practical details of re-sampling signals. In this project, we will be focusing on audio, but the lessons learned and code generated will be applicable to any type of signal. Please note that this project is done entirely in discrete-time and therefore you should not have a t-vector as was the case in previous projects. Down-Sampler Download and extract project5 files.zip . Write a function with syntax, y = down sample(x, N) , that returns the output of down-sampling the input, x , by a rate N . This should be fairly straightforward. Read in the wav file ‘x1.wav’ as we did in previous projects, and down-sample it by a factor of 3. Test that it sounds the same by using the soundsc command. Note: the sampling frequency of y will be different than that of x , and you have to keep that in mind when you go to play the sound or write it to a wav file.
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