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ECE 305: Semiconductor Devices Fundamentals Homework #2: Carrier Modeling Q1. 2.1 Q2. 2.4 Q3. 2.6 Q4. 2.8 Q5. 2.14 Q6. a) Solve problem 2.17 b) Check your answer by using ‘Carrier Distribution Calculator’ within the ABACUS tool posted at, c) Determine E F for each of the aforementioned cases. Hint. You may either choose ‘Boltzmann distribution’ or ‘Fermi Dirac distribution’ for ‘Distribution Function’ , and choose ‘DOE the Semiconductor’ for ‘Fermi Level Selection’.
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Unformatted text preview: For results, check the ‘3D Electron Hole density Variation’ and ‘Fermi Energy Level’. Locate the right temperature before reading off the values. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Full Name (Print) ____________________________ Points Check Completed Problems (Q1) 4 [_] (Q2) 4 [_] (Q3) 4 [_] (Q4) 4 [_] (Q5) 4 [_] (Q6A,B,C) 4, 8X2 [_] [_] [_] Total points 36...
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