Lab Brief Setup & Grading

Lab Brief Setup & Grading - Grading Rubric For ECE...

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Grading Rubric For ECE 2001W Lab Briefs A one page lab brief is required for every experiment (with the exception of Lab 0). There is a sample paper with the correct format that can be found on HuskyCT under the laboratories section. The sample is not a lab brief for 2001W, it is merely used to show the correct format for the lab briefs. Below is the grading rubric for the lab briefs with the breakdown showing the amount of technical and writing points for each section. The lab briefs will be graded not only for technical content but also for writing/grammar/style. Each of the different sections is weighted according to the corresponding technical and writing components Section Requirements Technical Pts Writing Pts Total Pts 1. Title, Name, and Abstract Summarize results of experiment in ~100 words. Include numerical results as well as qualitative results. 10 10 20 2. Introduction Describe the background and purpose of the experiment. Do not copy the lab manual or textbook. 0
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Lab Brief Setup & Grading - Grading Rubric For ECE...

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