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LAB 7 - 4 bit ALU - CSE 2300W Lab 7 4-bit ALU Section...

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CSE 2300W: Lab 7 – 4-bit ALU Section Number: Thursday 10-12pm Name: Shayan Rizvi
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Objectives The purpose of this lab is to create a 4-bit ALU. You want to build this ALU to preform bitwise OR operation, bitwise AND operation, bitwise NAND operation, bitwise NOR operation, a subtract operation, an addition operation, a greater than operation and a less than operation. Like many real world applications you would have to design something from very vague directions and specifications, the details of the assignment will be left up to you to fill in for your own specific design. There is a constraint to this lab that you will have to follow and the constraint is that in building this 4-bit ALU you can only use two dual four by one multiplexors (74LS153) and one full bit adder (74LS83) along with all the basic gates (OR,AND,NOT,XOR,NANA,NOR). There is no hardware component to this lab so you will create your design in a schematic in the LogicWorks program. Background An ALU stands for arithmetic logic unit; it is a specific digital circuit that preforms both arithmetic and logical operations. An ALU is a building block of the central processing unit (CPU) for a computer. ALU’s can perform bitwise logical operations like AND, NAND, OR, NOR & NOT as displayed in this lab. They are also capable of doing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (in this lab we only build the ALU to perform addition and subtraction). Arithmetic logic unit are capable of doing many simple and complex operations (this lab handles the more simple ones).
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