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Final Paper - Shayan Rizvi HIST 1800 Final Paper In this...

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Shayan Rizvi HIST 1800 12-9-11 Final Paper In this ever growing world there are all kinds of talk about what country is rising as a superpower. Thirty years ago America was that country and everyone across the globe strived to be America. In the modern sense all the talks are centered on China. Read the news articles and watch the news, in most people’s minds across the globe there are talks of China as the country on the rise. They are thought of as being the next superpower in the world. For being a growing superpower one would assume that this country would have a stable government that is perpetuating the advancement of their own people. This should be the case and to an outsider looking in with no true vantage point on the situation of the country and its people this would be true. One can assume this if they have not interacted with the citizens of china. One man who can give a clear analysis on the state of china is Rob Gifford an NPR (National Public Radio) correspondent. Gifford wrote a book called China Road and it is a first-hand account of his travels from eastern to western China on route 312, where he interacted with all kinds of people from peasant farmers to the young up and coming yuppies of China, the new Chinese middle class. From what I took away of Gifford’s travels was that China may seem like a true rising superpower but this is far from the truth. There lies a lot of internal problems that China must deal with before they can be truly considered and up and coming superpower of the world. They have not really advanced their civilization in a positive way. This “modern” China at its core is very different than traditional China. It has really deviated from its roots. China as it stands now in its “modern” sense still has a government that is oppressive and controlling but in a new fashion. The part of their
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culture that I can say has become different and evolved into something new is their sense of family. The evolution of family is not necessarily a good thing. I would have to say that it has moved in the opposite direction of something positive. “Modern” China is losing its sense of family.
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