Hist 1800 - Midterm Paper 1 - Shayan Rizvi HIST 1800 The...

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Shayan Rizvi HIST 1800 The values people have are in direct correlation to their societal upbringing. There is a different type of society in every corner and region of the world. The people are raised in these different societies each have values and morals with respect to their specific region. The westerners of the United States were brought up different than the people of the East Asian culture, specifically China. Chinese culture can be viewed through many different factors such as religion, politics, life style, and social structure; as any other society can be viewed through those perspectives. I am going to try to focus on two of those four aspects mentioned above, those being politics and religion. Through the study of these two contributions to Chinese culture, one can learn vast amounts of information about the values and practices of the Chinese people. The political and religious background of China will be further examined through analyzing the texts written by Bo Yang “The Ugly Chinaman” and “Unruly Gods” written by Meir Shahar and Robert P. Weller. Through the examination of China using the cultural factors of politics and religion one will be able to decipher that Chinese traditions are very strict and closely observed by the Chinese people. These practices are not taken lightly or translated loosely, whether it is a governmental interpretation of the human spirit or the way knowledge is passed on and utilized. In his article Bo Yang spoke very harshly about the Chinese society. In a few words Bo Yang described Chinese society in a very grim way; he said “if we don’t come to grips with this suffering and all the destructive elements in Chinese culture, they will continue to wreak havoc upon us and our decedents forever.” This quote is explaining Bo Yang’s plead to his
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Hist 1800 - Midterm Paper 1 - Shayan Rizvi HIST 1800 The...

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