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Shayan Rizvi HIST 1800 12-1-11 Midterm Paper 2 In all my years of schooling I have noticed one constant theme in my classes; this theme is not one that deals with a subject matter or my teachers, it is one that incorporates my classmates. The one true constant in my classes is that the Asian/oriental students have always flourished when it comes to academics. When I say this I am not trying to be racist or stereotypical in any way I am just stating an observation. Since this has been one true constant in my twelve plus years of schooling, it cannot just be a coincidence, it must mean something. Academia is very richly infused in the East Asian culture. Scholarship is taken very seriously and is very prominent within East Asian society. Scholarship is so very important in East Asian society, but how is scholarship really defined? Is it simply acing an exam or can the definition taken in the broader sense and become expanded to mean something more than exams? Can scholarship equate to a sense of direction one’s life takes, almost acting as one’s ambition in life? All these questions can apply to an East Asian society and get answered by analyzing the ideas of social mobility within a society, the impact of family and the academic life of a student within a society. The works I will utilize in this essay to discuss scholarship in East Asian society will be notes from our lecture, the reading Examination Hell: the Civil Service examinations of Imperial China by Ichisada, Miyazaki and the book To Live by Yu Hua. After analyzing these three materials it will be clear that academia is held to the highest importance in East Asian society and that scholarship is much more than the score on an exam, the ladder is an idea that should be more prominently observed within an East Asian society. From reading excerpts out of Examination Hell by Ichisada, Miyazaki I have learned a lot about the examination process within an East Asian society. It is a very
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Shayan Rizvi HIST 1800 12-1-11 Midterm Paper 2 rigorous process that comes down to a couple of exams that are administered twice every three years. This means that students work extremely hard at academics for years at a time, only to get judged on their performance over those couple years by one
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Hist 1800 - Midterm Paper 2 - Shayan Rizvi HIST 1800...

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