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HIST 1800 Reading Response 1 - Shayan Rizvi HIST 1800...

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Shayan Rizvi HIST 1800 10-20-11 Reading Response 1 (Week 8) This week’s reading response will be comparing the movie we watched in class with the book “From the Soil” and how they each portray Chinese rural society differently. The movie we watched in class was tailored to an American audience. It still portrayed integral parts of a Chinese rural society but with an American twist to it. A true Chinese society is fundamentally rural and the people who live in the countryside are the backbone of a Chinese society. This movie depicted a society where east met west, where a Chinese society encountered an American society and took some attributes from the western (American) society. The movie had both a traditional Chinese feel mixed with American customs. The main character (the man) was set up with a bride and the both of them were still expected to fulfill their duties. The man worked to fields and the woman cooked and the both of them were expected to have a child, specifically a son, so he too would be able to work the fields and help his parents with their rural duties/chores.
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