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Shayan Rizvi HIST 1800 Reading Response 2 To Live The question posed for this week’s reading response was concerning the book “To Live” and how we could use that to discuss the value of family. The importance of family and the special types of relationships that being a family creates is very prominent in “To Live”. In the book the main character Fugui is a wealthy man who does not have much respect for his family, a man with no dignity. He abuses his wife, hangs out in brothels and ultimately gambled away his family’s fortunes. He had no sense of any type of moral values. A drastic change occurred in his persona once he lost all his riches. He wanted to live an honest lifestyle, work on a farm and reconnect with his family. It was a humbling experience and I feel the riches are what brought about the evil in his character and once the riches went away, the reckless attitude he carried left with them. He was then forced to fight in the war, which forced Fugui to be separated from his
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