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Shayan Rizvi HIST 1800 12-1-11 Reading Response 5 In this week’s reading response we were asked to discuss the future of Chinese democracy through the readings of this week. The main reading I want to focus on is called Reclaiming Chinese Society: The new social activism edited by You-tien and Ching Kwan Lee. This reading spoke about how china is being referred to in the modern sense. Questions arising about the people of china are unsatisfied with their government and are seeking reform; reform not in the sense of revolution but in the sense of changes in within the current government. They said in the reading that china has been characterized by two words “social unrest” and the authors said that these words do not accurately describe china’s current state. They would rather use the words “dynamic stability”. What does that really mean? Dynamic stability could translate to china’s state being effectively stable. If I was them I would prefer using the term social unrest over dynamic stability. Social unrest comes with a connotation that
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