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HO_1_and_2 - Cardinal Nephew(Cardinal nipote tituli...

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BAROQUE ROME Lectures 1 and 2 Introduction Rome: caput mundi (center of the world) Latium/Lazio Tiber River (Tevere) Capitoline Shewolf Seven Hills: Palatine, Capitoline, Quirinal, Viminal, Esquiiline, Caelian, Aventine Constantinian Basilicas: Lateran (St. John/S. Giovanni in Laterano): Cathedral of Rome S. Croce in Gerusalemme St. Peter’s/San Pietro (Vatican) St. Paul’s/San Paolo (fuori le mura) San Sebastiano San Lorenzo (fuori le mura) Santa Maria Maggiore: founded by Sixtus III, 432 Campus Martius (The Fields of Mars) Rioni Palimpsest The Church/Ecclesia Romana Pope: Pontifex Maximus Triregno Papal Court Curia Camera Secreta and Camera Apostolica Datary Chancery (Cancelleria ) Tribunals: Rota; Penitenziere; Segnatura (di Iustitia and di Gratia) College of Cardinals (bishops, priests, deacons)
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Unformatted text preview: Cardinal Nephew (Cardinal nipote ) tituli Cathedral: San Giovanni in Laterano Cathedra (throne) Possesso Patriarchal Basilicas: S. Giovanni, S. Pietro, S. Paolo, S. Maria Maggiore Stations/Station churches Pilgrimage Holy Year/Anno Santo /Jubilee Boniface VIII Holy Door (Porta Santa Seven Churches (Sette Chiese) Protestant Reformation Council of Trent Counter Reformation/Catholic Reformation/ Post Tridentine Period ______________________________________________________________________________________ Rome: Some Monuments Capitoline Hill/Campidoglio Castel Sant’Angelo Speaking Statues: Pasquino, Madama Lucrezia, Marforio, Il Facchino, Abbot Luigi, Babuino...
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  • tiber river, Maria Maggiore, San Giovanni in, Iustitia and di Gratia, Reformation/Catholic Reformation/ Post, BAROQUE ROME Lectures

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