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Shuo Zhao 4128143 Essay #1 America is a big crucible. People from all over the world are melted together and generate a new race. In the twentieth century, a controversial topic that whether non-whites had equal rights as American was debated widely. In the book American Crucible , Gary Gerstle argues how civic nationalism and racial nationalism shaped the American history, “how both ideals influenced critical immigration and war mobilization policies” and how they “shaped social reform movements” (5). Both racial and civic nationalism are complex, elastic and exclusionary. Racial nationalism is that people are held together by common blood and skin color for self-government. Civic nationalism is identified as “political and social equality for all, irrespective of race” (8). Gerstle primarily focuses on American liberals, who supported civic nationalism in general although they “periodically reinscribed racialist” (5). Although racial nationalism and civic nationalism contradicted with each other, they were swirled in the Rooseveltian nation, for example many civic nationalists held the some racial opinion. Gerstle believed that wars in the twentieth century had been decisive for “sharpening American national identity against external enemies” (9). After the Rooseveltian nation fell apart, civil rights revolution moved fast and reached the climax in the 1960s. In the Theodore Roosevelt’ racialized nation, white and blacks were divided in public areas and white had superiorities while blacks were considered to be subordinate, because Roosevelt had absorbed some of the racialist thought although he was “hard an accomplished racial theorist” (17). In the racial conflict history, Roosevelt viewed the civilization progress as “the higher civilized races triumphed over the lower savage or barbaric ones” (18). The
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Essay 1 - Shuo Zhao 4128143 Essay #1 America is a big...

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