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Essay 4 Outline new

Essay 4 Outline new - Chapter 4 dominant Cold War family...

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Essay 4 Outline Section 1 Why collapse? Civic nationalism and racial nationalism, which are contradicted with each other, exited in Rooseveltian nation. Vietnam War let thousands of Vietnamese lost their home and lives. It violated the freedom and equality in civic nationalism. Black power movement (student social movement in chapter 7) broke racial nationalism. Both civic nationalism and racial nationalism are too much to bear, so that the Rooseveltian nation collapsed. Left Hard multiculturalisms (students/black radicals) Liberals Soft multiculturalism (Clinton) Conservativ es Glorificational nation Christianity Section 2 her memoir are the personal narrative of her life up to her imprisonment. Shakur's is an autobiography of a black woman and her journey through the life and through the various African American political movements we have been reading about in Gerstle. Chapter 2: beauty standard (37), merits of integrated versus segregated schools.
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4: dominant Cold War family model In Chapter 6: first work experiences. racial and sexual discrimination work together. Chapter 8: Experience with white liberals, black power activism was mainly about a shift in 3 things: the view of civic nationalism, views of integration, and views of non-violence. Shifts in Shakur's interaction with NAACP organizing in North Carolina Chapter 10: communism and anticommunism (Vietnam War), black middleclass. Chapter 12: dominant cultural standards and education and their contribution to racism, college. Chapter 13: other minority left activists. Chapters 15, 16, and 17: the reason for the break-up of left radical groups in the 1970s was due to political repression by the FBI, Black Panther, friend Zayd, Black Power groups. Chapters 3, 5, and 7: life in prison, prisons and the justice system reinforce racism and even slavery, having a child...
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