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Shuo Zhao 4128143 PSTL 1231 Essay 4 In Rooseveltian Nation, civic nationalism and racial nationalism were swirled to shape the history, although they are contradicted to each other. After 1960s, “the crisis sparked by the civil rights revolution and Vietnam marked the end of the Rooseveltian nation” (Gerstle, 342). Black power movement broke the racial nationalism, and also promoted to build the civic nation. Vietnam War violated the freedom and equality in civic nationalism, because its let thousands of Vietnamese lose their home and lives. “Neither the racial nor the civic traditions of American nationalism, both essential props of the Rooseveltian Nation, could any longer bind a large majority of Americans together or give them reason to make common cause” (Gerstle, 342). Finally, Rooseveltian Nation collapsed. In chapter 7, when new voters were “barred from participating in the lily-white Mississippi Democratic Party primary, they formed a new, avowedly interracial party, MFDP” (Gerstle, 286), and “the tradition of racial nationalism simply ran too deep” (309). People were losing faith and no longer believing in the civic nationalism. In chapter 8, Gerstle argues that Vietnam War and the antiwar movement is a critique to the civic nationalism. Student movement, which is among the whole country, becomes radicalized and accelerates breaking down the civic nationalism. “The antiwar radicals viewed the efforts of the American military to prevent the ‘yellow’ Vietcong and other Vietnamese from determining their own future as an extension of American efforts at home to deny African Americans their freedom” (Gerstle, 317). The civic nationalism was doubted by people around the country, because Vietnamese were dying in the war, and students do not
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Essay 4 - Shuo Zhao 4128143 PSTL 1231 Essay 4 In...

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