finished Paper Number Three

finished Paper Number Three - Shuo Zhao Group 1-1 Paper...

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Shuo Zhao Group 1-1 Paper Number Three In the book Homeward Bound , author Elaine Tyler May illustrates the relationship between the Cold War and American Families. “The cold war was largely an ideological struggle between the two superpowers, both hoping to increase their power and influence across the globe” (May, 8). In this period of time, America is under the threat of Soviet Union, and anxiety or insecure feelings are generated. In this situation, the form of family, rather than individuals, could better protect their way of life against anxious from Soviet Union. The containment to Soviet Union leads to domestic containment, which controls the personal influences and make the society secure. “Domestic containment and its therapeutic corollary undermined the potential for political activism and reinforced the chilling effects of anticommunism and the cold war consensus” (May 17). People want secure homes and secure marriages, and “containment was the key to security” (May 16). The home is the place that people could feel good about themselves, and they use their private choices to contain anxiety. There are some private arrangements that May gives. More and more middle class people moved to suburbs. The gender roles in family are distinct. That is to say, male became breadwinner and female became homemaker. The masculine nation is reinforced. The marriage rate is growing up, and parents intentionally have more children. The baby boom emerges. All of these above provide Americans secure lives under the “red scare”. In the anticommunism atmosphere, people are supposed to limit their influence at home, and those
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finished Paper Number Three - Shuo Zhao Group 1-1 Paper...

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