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position paper - Introduction The emergence of the...

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Introduction The emergence of the Electronic book [E-book] leads to revolutionary changes in the book industry. Lots of writers choose to sell their books online, and offer low prices to let readers download them into their computers or reading devices. Furthermore, more and more readers accept this new reading method and some of them choose to read totally through E- books rather than traditional books. With rapidly growing E-book readers, many people doubt whether E-books will finally replace printed books, which have existed for more than 400 years. From my point of view, I believe that E-books will greatly influence the traditional book industry, but never replace printed books, because the feeling of reading printed books is unique and special. Background The E-book, which is an electronic form of a printed book, is published, distributed via web, and read through computers and digital devices. E-books have been greatly promoted in recent years, especially when Amazon “injected excitement into the E-book business by coming out with the Kindle” (Turow, 2010, p. 283). The Kindle is a “wireless portable reading device with which customers could download books from Amazon as well as
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position paper - Introduction The emergence of the...

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