Chapter 20 - DNA Technology Notes

Chapter 20 - DNA Technology Notes - 20 DNA TECHNOLOGY...

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Unformatted text preview: 20- DNA TECHNOLOGY GENETIC ENGINEERING:manipulating gene s and geno m e sRECOMBINANT DNA. Combining DNA from different organismsAPPLICATIONS OF DNA TECHNOLOGY• DIAGNOSIS OF DISEASE Virus detection; ID genetic carriers/disorders• GENE THERAPY ID mutant gene s; purify replace m e nts• PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTION Bacterial production of insulin, Human Growth hormon e• FORENSICS/PATERNITY Crime scen e analysis Who’s the daddy?• GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS “Golden” rice- gene for Vitamin A added Bt-corn -resists insect pests “frost resistant” strawberries toxin/pollution “eating” bacteria • ENDANGERED SPECIES ZOO cloning extinct/endang er ed species• CANARY DETECTORS PLASMIDS = small self replicating DNA loops• Can carry gene s for ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE (used as genetic markers•Used as VECTORS to carry recombinant DNA •Can be cut with RESTRICTION ENZYMES •Used to incorporate foreign DNA into bacteria•Bacteria then reproduce, copying the inserted gene along with the plasmidWays to make bacteria able to “take up” foreign DNA = “COMPETENT”1) ELECTROPORATION- zap with electricity2) Use calcium chloride and “heat shock” to change their cell walls (We did this in LAB 6)...
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Chapter 20 - DNA Technology Notes - 20 DNA TECHNOLOGY...

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