Chapter 25 - Classification Notes

Chapter 25 - Classification Notes - AP BIOLOGY(UNIT 9...

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AP B IOLOGY (U NIT 9) Page 1 of 2 Knight/Tracing Phylogeny Ch. 25 T RACING P HYLOGENY (C H . 25) Macroevolution attempts to explain how major adaptive characteristics came into existence. These characteristics would be the basis for creating new taxa above the species level. Phylogeny - evolutionary history of a group of species ; the evolutionary relationships among organisms; the patterns of lineage branching produced by the true evolutionary history of the organisms being considered. is used to organize living organisms by looking at ancestors and all descendants; trace evolutionary relatedness relatedness based upon fossil evidence, morphological and molecular homologies. the science of tracing the history of species and analyzing the diversity and relationships among species is called systematics . The classification and identification of the phylogeny of organisms is part of taxonomy. Established by C. Linnaeus Derived the system of Binomial Nomenclature . Each species name consists of 2 parts - Genus & species epithet. names written in Latin determined by discoverer Genus - group of related species Species - ( specific epithet ) unique for every organism All species organized within system that groups organisms by related structures, biochemistry. Eg. related phylogeny. Why do we have scientific names written in Latin? Insure that an organism has the same name wherever it is found:
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Chapter 25 - Classification Notes - AP BIOLOGY(UNIT 9...

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