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IE 53000 - IE 53000/STAT 51300 Quality Engineering Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: IE 53000/STAT 51300 Quality Engineering Fall 2011 Project – Week 1 Company SMF is a production system specializing in sheet metal fabrication. A wide variety of parts are fabricated for assembly. One simple part involves shearing a small flat blank from coil stock. The material is fed to a stop and then the shear is engaged to cut the length dimension. Next the sheared strip is moved to a second shear and placed against the stop; the second shear is engaged, and the cut to width is produced. The sheared-off metal is recycled. The part is then moved to the next operation, a break operation for a bend. The sheet metal part specifications and targets are as follows: Length specifications: 6 ± 0.05 inches Length targets: μ = 6 inches, σ = 0.015 inches Width specifications: 4 ± 0.05 inches Width targets: μ = 4 inches, σ = 0.015 inches The company has found recent interest in Statistical Quality Control and has initiated a data collection process to monitor the length of the sheet metal part (we will not look at width for this project). For each day, four subgroups of 4 final parts are randomly selected from the process periodically throughout the day. These specimens are then measured to determine their length and width with a special caliper that requires a single operator. The company now has the last week’s data for these measurements tabulated on the next page....
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IE 53000 - IE 53000/STAT 51300 Quality Engineering Fall...

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