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Fin design for a cylinder barrel

Fin design for a cylinder barrel - Fin design for a...

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Fin design for a cylinder barrel. Abstract: In the quest for designing better, more powerful and fuel efficient engines, engine thermal management system design plays a pivotal part. Optimal engine operating efficiency demands optimal heat transfer, which, in turn, demands on accurate determination of the heat transfer co- efficient. This parameter depends on a variety of factors like air flow speed over the fins, operating temperature, fin width and pitch. This study looks at some efforts, to maximize the heat transfer with using the most efficient fin’s design. A company that manufactures engine cylinder barrels is looking to redesign the model by adding fins to increase the heat transfer. Introduction Air cooled engines are usually used in comparatively small engines, as in motorcycles and agricultural applications. Here, cooling takes place purely due to flow of external air over a finned surface. Most modern IC engines use both liquid and sir to cool, where the heat generated
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