HW7 Chapter 90 - Homework#7 IE530& STAT513 Quality Control Prof Teri Reed-Rhoads Ph.D Due Friday November 4th 9:00 pm EST In class if on campus

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Unformatted text preview: Homework #7 IE530 & STAT513 - Quality Control Prof. Teri Reed-Rhoads, Ph.D. Due Friday, November 4th., 9:00 pm EST In class, if on campus Blackboard, Assignment - Homework #7, if o campus Instructions: The following homework problems evaluate your comprehension of the topics covered in chapter 9 of your textbook. Suggested problems are marked with an asterisk; you do not have to submit such problems. 1. Problem 9.1 ∗ 2. Problem 9.2 3. Problem 9.7 ∗ 4. Problem 9.8 5. Problem 9.11 6. Problem 9.15 7. Problem 9.17 ∗ 8. Problem 9.19 1 ...
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