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Chemical Reaction - Solve the following stoichiometry problem about your equation If you have 125 grams of one of the reactants how many grams of

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Chemical Reaction Extra Credit Assignment (This project will add a maximum of 6 points on your lowest test grade) Due Date: Friday, February 17, 2012 Your task is to make a poster (full size or half) to describe a chemical reaction. The following is a rubric for your extra credit project. It is a list of the items you need to include for your extra credit. Choose ONE chemical reaction from the list below: (1) Photosynthesis (2) Cellular respiration (3) Rusting of metal (4) Combustion of propane (5) Burning of methane (6) Fermentation of glucose (7) Electrolysis of water (8) Haber process _____ Name of the chemical reation _____ Balanced chemical equation of the chemical reaction _____ List of reactant(s): chemical names and formulas _____ List of product(s): chemical names and formulas _____ One use of the chemical reaction _____ One picture relating to the chemical reaction _____ One interesting fact about the chemical reaction
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Unformatted text preview: _____ Solve the following stoichiometry problem about your equation: If you have 125 grams of one of the reactants, how many grams of one of the products do you have? (Choose one of the reactants and one of the products. Show your work and include the correct units in your final answer.) Your poster will be graded on including the above information, creativity, and neatness. Other requirements: (1) This project must be hand written . Nothing may be typed. No exceptions. Your handwritten must be legible. (2) You may not write in pencil. Use pen, colored pencils, or markers. (3) Picture must be a computer image or cut out from a magazine/newspaper (No hand drawings). On the back of your poster, you must include a reference page to give credit to the place where you found your information and the picture from....
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