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Unit 10 Quiz Pre-AP - (4 The decomposition of potassium...

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Name __________________________________ Date _____________ Unit 10 Quiz You must show your work to receive credit Include the correct units and report answers to the correct number of significant figures . (1) Calculate the number of molecules in 0.0084 g of C 5 H 5 N. (2) Calculate the mass of selenium in 683 g of sodium selenite, Na 2 SeO 3 . (3) Use the experimental molar mass to determine the molecular formula for a compound having the following analysis: 64.27% carbon, 7.19% hydrogen, and 28.54% oxygen; experimental molar mass of 168.19 g/mol.
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Unformatted text preview: (4) The decomposition of potassium chlorate is used as a source of oxygen in the laboratory. How many moles of potassium chlorate are needed to produce 15 mol of oxygen? _____ KClO 3 _____ KCl + ______ O 2 Bonus: (5 points each) (1) Determine the number of liters of 34.0 g of sulfur dioxide gas at STP. (2) When magnesium burns in air, it combines with oxygen to form magnesium oxide. How many moles of oxygen will react with 16 mol of magnesium?...
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