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Primary identifier - In US between 5-10 10-15 school aged...

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Primary identifier: classroom teacher Primary specialist: speech-language pathologist Speech language pathologist - identify - evaluate - Provide rehabilitation services to people with communicative disorder o correct problems o achieve max communication potential - Least Bias Assessment - different dialects and languages - differences in speech and language, delay in speech and language disorder - Elective Service - Seeking Services of speech and language pathologists to help improve their language skills - Audiologist - Measures hearing ability - identify hearing disorders - provide rehabilitation services - assess amplification devices and instruct in their care - provide training in speech reading - Incidence and prevalence of communication disorders
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Unformatted text preview: - In US between 5%-10%- 10%-15% school aged- 2/3 of all speech-language pathologists case loads are boys -Communication o A process of encoding, transmitting, and decoding signals in order to allow understanding of information and ideas between a message sender and a message receiver -Ecoding o Ability of message sender to put thoughts into codes they would like to use-Transmitting o Senders ability to pass info in a way message receiver can understand-Decoding o Receivers ability to understand codes sent by sender -Components of communication o Sender o Message o Receiver-Paralinguistic mechanisms o Stress or emphasis used to communicate o Rate at which speaking o Stress on certain words...
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