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Speech sound development

Speech sound development - mouth and possibly the jaw which...

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- Speech sound development o Vocabulary up to 200 words or more by age 2 m,b,y,n,w,d,p,h o Next step considered the middle 8: t,k,g,f,v,ch,j,ing o Followed by late 8: sh, th,s,z,l,r,zh - Phonology o Deals with sounds and sequences of sounds in words o Components of language - Articulation o Breaking up of air stream into sounds of speech by structures of the mouth o Systems involved in speech - Final consonant deletion o Stop= [STO] o RED= [RE] - Articulation disorders o Most common type of communication disorder o Tends to impact intelligibility minimally - Types of disorders o Distortions o Substitiontions One sounds replaced by another o Omissions Sounds completely omitted o Additions Add in another sound in word - Epenthesis o Sound added to word o Stop=estop - Clefts o Cleft lip and palate are malformations of the oral structures of the
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Unformatted text preview: mouth and possibly the jaw which occur in pregnancy and are present at birth o All parts are there, they failed to fuse together o Opening in the palate results in an abnormal configuration of the vocal tract for all but 3 English speech sounds (m, n, ing) -Types of clefts o Cleft lip Unilateral Bilateral o Cleft palate Unilateral Bilateral Sub mucous tissue inside mouth look intact, underneath tissue is cleft • Bifold uvula is red flag-1/4 th cases are cleft lip 1/4 th cases are cleft palate and ½ are both-Affected areas o Feeding and swallowing o Dentition o Hearing o Language o Resonance/phonation o Articulation o Affects intelligibility of speech...
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Speech sound development - mouth and possibly the jaw which...

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