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Email regarding grading

Email regarding grading - Class The written design reports...

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Class, The written design reports are graded. If you would like to come by this morning and see your report, that is fine. I have to keep the reports for ABET, but you may look at yours for as long as you want here in the lab, and I would also be happy to go over it with you. I would like to explain some of the grading. Many points were lost for not following the instructions or guidelines. Abstract: There should be a clear objective stated, specific methods used to achieve the objective, and the significant results. Each of these categories was worth 2 points. If you weren't clear, you lost points. Grammar and spelling: You lost a point for each grammatical or spelling error. Most of you did a good job with this, but some of you still need to learn how to use commas. Do not capitalize improper nouns. Sample calculations: I punch the numbers you have in your report into my calculator. If I get a number different from yours, you lose a point. I do not use any more significant figures than what you present in the result. Your sample calculations should be based on your design.
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