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Project3 - Final project report due noon 4/26 The objective...

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Final project report due noon 4/26: The objective of the final project is to estimate the uncertainty in the helicopter design and build/test the best design. We will evaluate the best design using two criteria. (1) to maximize the probability that in the competition all the measurement times will be above the second best time measured for any helicopter in the first or second stages of the project. These times are 6.56 sec for Team 1, 6.15 sec for Team 2, and 7.05 sec for Team 3. The competition during class time on 4/21 will consist of dropping the helicopters of each team at least 10 drops and then until one of them clocks a shorter time than the target time up to 20 drops. The members of the team of achieving 20 successful drops will get 5% bonus for the project grade. (2) to minimize the standard deviation of measurement times for 10 drops in the competition. This helicopter design can be different from the one used above. The member of the team of achieving smallest standard deviation will get 5% bonus for the project grade.
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