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PHZ 6358: Standard Model I Fall Term 2011 Homework Set 5 Due Wednesday, October 5, 2011 Reading: PYTHIA manual: the frst chapter ( Introduction ), sections “The complexity of high-energy processes” , “Event generators” and “Disclaimer” , the rest oF the introduction is op- tional. ±or inFormation on PYTHIA’s histogramming capabilities, see Sec. 15.6 Histograms . The physics processes in PYTHIA are listed in Tables 17-24 (note that not all have been implemented so Far). Problem 1. Top cross-sections. Calculate the total t ¯ t cross-section (a) at the Tevatron, using PYTHIA; (b) at the LHC, using PYTHIA; (c) at the Tevatron, using CompHEP (compare to the answer From (a)); (d) at ILC500, using PYTHIA. Problem 2. Fourth generation. In this exercise we will fgure out how PYTHIA treats Fourth generation Fermions (see section 8.6.1 oF the PYTHIA manual). (a) Use MSEL=7 or MSEL=8 to select b b and t t pair production, respectively.
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