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PHZ 6358: Standard Model I Fall Term 2011 Homework Set 9 Due Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Reading: Class notes and references linked to the class diary. Problem 1. Transverse mass in single W production. Consider the inclusive pro- duction of a single massive resonance which decays to a lepton and an invisible particle. For concreteness, let us use the scenario with a right-handed W -boson W ± R and a heavy right- handed neutrino ν R . This scenario is implemented in PYTHIA (refer to Section 8.6.3). Let us take the mass of the right-handed neutrino to be M ν R = 200 GeV and the mass of the W ± R to be M W R = 400 GeV, then use PYTHIA to simulate such events. First turn o± initial state radiation, so that the W R has no transverse boost. (a) Plot the distribution of the W R transverse mass for several di±erent values of the un- known test neutrino mass ˜ M ν R . (b) from your plots, read o± the endpoints of those distributions and derive the relationship between ˜ M W R and ˜ M
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