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Perin First hour 1

3 evaluate if stem cells can survive when seeded into

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Unformatted text preview: ve spread throughout the en&re organ. Ureteric Bud and AFSC Objec=ve To determine the capacity of AFSC to form renal like cells in a novel co-culture system that allows for interchange of soluble growth factors from embryonic kidney cons&tuent (UB). DMEM, FBS, AB AFSC E15.5 rat UB branching UB Matrigel Filter Mesenchyme Condi&oned Media (BSN-CM) + FGF1 (500ng/ml) + GDNF (125ng/ml) AFSC and E13.5 rat UB (day 0) Conclusions: As a proof of principle we have shown that AFSC can integrate into a renal structure (embryonic kidney or ureteric bud) let say " AFSC likes kidney" Wowwwwwwww , we can try in vivo animal models of kidney disease!!!! What we have learnt 1. AF has very important func=ons during development 2. Composi=on varies during the gesta=onal =me 3. Some AF pathologies are responsible for serious diseases 4. AF is an important diagnos=c tool 5. AF contains a lot of different cell types 6. 1% of the AF cell popula=on is represented by stem cells (AFSC) 7. Developmental biology is essen=al 8. AFSC can integrate into an embryonic kidney...
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