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Amnioc fluid cells amniotic fluid cell populations

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Unformatted text preview: ell types RT-PCR and Western Blogng: PRESENCE Real Time PCR: AMOUNT Range of analysis: 15-20 weeks of gesta&on (Da Sacco et al, 2010) Morphology of cells obtained from AF -ac&n osteopon&n sm ac&n cytokera&n neurofilam. ICAM AF Characteriza=on RT-PCR and Western Blogng confirmed the overall trend of expression of the different markers. Pluripotent markers OCT-4, C-kit and CD90 were expressed at any &me point CD34 was expressed only in samples older than 18 weeks Ectodermal markers expression was spreaded through all the considered weeks of gesta&on Mesodermal and Endodermal markers rarefied aKer 17 weeks of gesta&on 3. Stem Cells from Amnio&c Fluid (AFSC) Isola=on of stem cells from AF Samples are obtained via amniocentesis (14-20 week of gesta&on) Normal karyotype Normal cell cycle Can be cloned Expression of mesenchymal markers AFSC are seeded and cultured with specific differen&a&on media (serum , an=bio=c, growth factors, hormones) The modula=on and the different concentra=on of the growth factors permit the passage from an undifferen=ated state to a differen=ated one Skeletal muscle d. Osteogenic d. Endothelial d. Adipogenic d. Hepa=c d. Neuronal d. The most important demonstra&on of the pluripoten&ality of a stem cell is to inves&gate and prove if it par&cipates to the forma&on of &ssues during embr yo development Amnio=c fluid from C57BL/C6 Isola=on, expansion, Lac-Z and GFP infec=on ANALYSIS OF THE EMBRYO Injec=on of the blastocysts into a host female Blastocyst injec=on (3.5gg) Chimeric mouse (E 18): In situ detec&on of LacZ and GFP expression 4. Embryonic Kidney and Tissue Engineering Development biology seeks to study the gene&c control of cell growth , differen&a&on and morphogenesis, which is the process that gives rise to &ssues and organs Researchers are focusing more on stem cells in the hope of discovering beker applica&ons for bioengineering new &ssue in the labor...
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