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Peter Ferdinand Drucker (1909 - 2005) was an influential writer and management consultant. He wrote thirty-nine books, mostly business related. While leaders are different in their tactics, we can identify common practices that they share. In his consulting work over the years, Drucker identified eight practices that the effective managers he worked with had in common. These eight practices are the following: Effective leaders make these eight practices a normal part of their operational practices. It becomes a part of their management strategy. It is deep-rooted in their communications, their decision making practices, and their communications with others. They also look at organizational mistakes differently. While mistakes have consequences, effective leaders also know that mistakes are opportunities for learning and innovation. The ability of these leaders to apply these eight practices to organizational mistakes allows them to become successful and
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Unformatted text preview: effective. Ted from “"The Manager Who Liked to Keep things simple” did not follow almost any of those practices. I can’t even picture him as a manager or leader. Even though he liked to keep things simple he did not accept the simplicity of the solution offered by psychology researcher. He did not keep consistency with his actions. It is important to act and manage your business with consistency otherwise, you are planting the seeds of confusion, distrust, and lack of respect with your employees. And If you have rules don’t ignore them. To be a leader you must set these examples of behavior. As you manage your business and work to develop a team of employees that are efficient and productive, remember your leadership is based not on inventing thermostats; it is created or destroyed by your personal behavior....
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