Learning Objectives #1

Learning Objectives #1 - Science of Psychology 4. Describe...

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Learning Objectives: Lecture ~ Introduction Content of Psychology 1. Describe the basic model of psychology and the major variables. 2. Describe the ABC's of psychology. Affect – what component causes the action Behavior – actual action Cognition – The way one thinks/ different perceptions Perspectives of Psychology 3. Describe the different perspectives and explain their focus on human experience. Psychodynamic – Sigmund Freud – the cause is in the unconscious development of the person Behavioral –mostly focus on the environment – dominate psychology Cogitative – the mind Biological – they are looking at the hardware (brain) instead of software – three divisions: Neuropsychology, Evolution, Genetics Socio-Cultural –Macro-psychology – People’s actions based on the social environment
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Unformatted text preview: Science of Psychology 4. Describe the goals of science. Understand, Explain, Predict and Control 5. Explain the scientific method of refinement. • Refinement : From theory to theory-make adjustments to the theory till the wanted result is obtained (Cookie Example) 6. Describe the criteria of science. • Criteria : - Empirical – have to be in numbers (measurable)-Replicable – the theory must be able to be tested again and gain the same result-Falsifiable – the theory is able to be proven false 7. Describe and explain correlational and causal relationships among variables. Correlation – 20-30% of support is a very good result in psychology because humans aren’t inanimate objects Casual – find an explanation of the correlation with no loop holes (proven only one correlation explanation)...
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Learning Objectives #1 - Science of Psychology 4. Describe...

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