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Learning Objectives #2 - Learning Objectives Lectures ~...

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Learning Objectives: Lectures ~ Development Psychology Piaget’s Cognitive Theory Overview 1. Describe the basic characteristics and features of Piaget’s theory. 2. Explain the concepts of equilibration and disequilibration. Equilibrium is when the child’s known knowledge agree with its environment Dissequailbration is when the child’s knowledge is wrong in another environment and they have to fix their schma. 3. Explain the complimentary processes of assimilation and accommodation. Assimilation – new schma (a cat isn’t another type of dog, it’s one of this own). (United States does not change its country, it has its own personality for each state). accommodation – change the schma to match the new information (Canada change country image for its changes) Stages of Cognitive Development 4. Describe Piaget’s stages including the key cognitive changes that take place. Play and Cognitive Development 5. Describe and explain how play development reflects the stages of cognitive development.
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Learning Objectives #2 - Learning Objectives Lectures ~...

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