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Learning Objectives: Lecture ~ Neuropsychology The Neuron 1. Describe the three parts of the neuron. Dendrites – receives messages from other cells. Axon-passes messages to other part of the cell body to neurons and muscles Soma- Nucleus 2. Describe the three kinds of neurons and compare their functions. Sensory neurons – receives messages (incoming message) Motor neurons – sends messages (outgoing neurons) Interneurons – neurons that communicate internally and intervene (control) between sensory input and motor output Neuronal Conduction 3. Explain the electrical component of neuronal conduction. Neural transmitters, when they encounter the right dendrites (the right “key leaf) it attaches to it and it goes to the stoma when there is enough transmitters accumulated. 4. Describe Galvani's experiment. (1737 – 1798) He has a dead frog, and put electric charge into it legs and they move. Problem is that it doesn’t have a control. => so chemical?
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