Learning Objectives #4

Learning Objectives #4 - SENSATION & PERCEPTION...

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Learning Objectives: Lecture Sensation and Perception 1. Describe the transduction processes for each of the senses by identifying the environmental stimuli, sensory receptors, and path of sensation. Visual, Audition, Gestation (Eating), Tactile (Feel), Olfaction (smell), Kinesthetic, Vestibular Go to the Thalamus: Visual, Audition, Gestation (Eating), Tactile (Feel) Go to limbic system: olfaction (smell) Go to cerebellum (which means small brain): Kinesthetic, Vestibular Thalamus: the area in the brain that categorizes what the information is so they can direct it to the correct section of the brain. Olfaction goes to the limbic system. The limbic system is connected to emotions: the “fear, flight or fondle”. Olfaction is the only sense where its dendrites (neurons) are out in the environment (not in the brain). There is an argument whether taste or smell is the oldest perception. One of the only neurons that get replenished is taste and smell (every month or so). Smell argument is
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Learning Objectives #4 - SENSATION & PERCEPTION...

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