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Unformatted text preview: CE 3101 Fall 2011 Homework 01 Computing the Frictional Head Loss for Flow in a Water Main Due Tuesday, 13 September 2011, 11:55 P.M. 1 (This is a 25 point group assignment.) Abstract In self-selected groups of up to three members 2 , you will write an Excel spreadsheet program to compute the head loss along a straight reach of a user specified water main. A full written report is required in addition to the working code 3 . This assignment has an early-submission requirement. Group Evaluation and the Time Card After completing this assignment you are each required to INDIVIDUALLY complete the Homework 01 Group Evaluation , found on the course Moodle web site. One of the components of this evaluation is a reporting of effort. As you will all be required to do in professional practice, in this course you will be responsible for detailed time estimates and time tracking. At the beginning of this homework assignment after the first reading of the project requirements record an estimate of the total time necessary to complete the assignment. After the task is complete, record the actual time spent. Time tracking should be recorded to the nearest 15 minutes (1/4 hour). Background Water distribution systems typically rely on gravity to drive the flow 4 . Countering the drive of gravity is ever-present friction. Friction includes the rubbing of the water on the wall of the pipe, and the internal friction of water on water. The physical processes (the science and engineering) describing the flow of water in pipes are surprisingly complex, with eddies, turbulence, wall-effects, and boundary layers, etc. Pipe Flow For steady flow of an incompressible fluid 5 in a full-flowing pipe of constant cross-section, the relationship between the flow rate and the mean fluid velocity 6 in the pipe is given by 7 Q = V A (1) 1 The 11:55 P.M. deadline is not a typographical error although I make plenty of those. By having the assignment due just before midnight, you will have an opportunity to ask questions during Tuesdays lecture and office hours before finalizing your submission. Be forewarned, if you wait till Tuesday afternoon to start this assignment, you will not succeed. 2 On this assignment, you do not have to work in a group. I would, however, strongly recommend that you do so. And, no, groups may not exceed three members. 3 Your homework scores will dominate your grade in this class. Typically, the deliverables for homework assignments comprise a detailed written report and the associated computer code. Your grades in both of these components will reflect the technical correctness of your submission, as well as form, format, organization, and aesthetics. We are very picky; a right answer is always necessary, but never sufficient....
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Homework01.pdf - CE 3101 Fall 2011 Homework 01 Computing...

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