Homework09 - CE 3101 Fall 2011 Homework 09 – Detention...

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Unformatted text preview: CE 3101 Fall 2011 Homework 09 – Detention Pond Design This is a 25-point PAIRED GROUP assignment. Due Thursday, 10 November 2011, 11:55 P.M. Abstract In self-selected groups of up to two (2) members 1 you will design a wet storm water detention pond for the Lake Woebegon Ultra-Mall . A brief letter report is required in addition to your associated modeling code. This assignment will be completed using pair programming . Group Evaluation and the Time Card After completing this assignment you are each required to INDIVIDUALLY complete the Homework 09 Evaluation , found on the course Moodle web site. Your evaluation activity must be completed by 6:00 P.M., Friday, 11 November 2011, or you risk the imposition of an egregious 5-point penalty. Pair Programming According to numerous studies, programming in pairs is remarkably efficient. This is due in large part because the number of bugs are radically reduced with two brains reviewing the code as it is created. There is also a serious increase in problem-solving creativity 2 . According to the folks at http://www.extremeprogramming.org , The best way to pair program is to just sit side-by-side in front of the monitor. Slide the keyboard and mouse back and forth. Both programmers concentrate on the code being written. My professional experience as a programmer, and as a teacher, supports this conclusion. The first step, we will call this Step 0, toward completing this assignment is to read http://www. wikihow.com/Pair-Program . You may read this by yourself, but take a few minutes to read 3 it over with your programming partner as well. The few steps and suggestions outlined in this brief article will help. Really. 1 Background When a piece of property is developed, its rainfall/runoff characteristics change. Typically, when a piece of wooded or grassland property changes to buildings and asphalt, the quantity of runoff increases significantly (e.g., there is much less infiltration into the soil when it is paved over), and the speed at which this runoff occurs is much higher. To protect the property owners downstream from flooding due to increased runoff from upstream de- velopment, the law requires 4 that the peak runoff rate [ m 3 /s ] from a property after development can not exceed the historical peak runoff rate (i.e. prior to development). Typically, this requirement is applied for a set of very severe design storms (e.g., the 100-year event 5 ). To control runoff from a developed property, the rainfall is captured by a storm sewer system and diverted into a detention pond 6 . The water is temporarily held (detained) in the detention pond and released slowly, and thus preventing downstream flooding. 1 Note the new group size limit: 2 not 3. You may NOT work in groups of three or more. You may work alone, but I would recommend against this. Even if you want to be solely responsible for your own individual work, and beholden to no others, it would be beneficial to find a like-minded soul and follow the pair-programming paradigm. The pair-programming experience iswould be beneficial to find a like-minded soul and follow the pair-programming paradigm....
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Homework09 - CE 3101 Fall 2011 Homework 09 – Detention...

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