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Unformatted text preview: CE 3101 Fall 2011 Report Guidelines Traffic signals in New York are just rough guidelines. David Letterman (1947-) Introduction Your homework scores will dominate your grade in this class 1 . Typically, the deliverables for homework assignments comprise 2 a detailed written report and the associated computer code 3 . Your grades in both of these components will reflect the technical correctness of your submission, as well as form, format, organi- zation, and aesthetics. We are very picky; the right answers (e.g. correctly function programs) are always necessary, but are never sufficient. When you enter professional practice, the importance of clear exposition does not diminish 4 . Your work will be primarily judged based upon what you write about it. Superb, skillful, well-crafted work in the lab, or in design and analysis, supporting a poor report will be judged harshly. Of course, a well-crafted report does not make up for poor engineering. Good engineering, and good science, are necessary, but they are not sufficient. These guidelines are by no means exhaustive or definitive 5 . These guidelines do, however, outline the minimum expectations for reports in this class. Submission All reports in this class, whether they are detailed project reports, letter reports, or one page bonus problem reports, will be typed and submitted electronically 6 . I do not care what word processor you use, this is your choice 7 . But, you must NOT submit raw documents; e.g. you NEVER submit your MS Word .doc or .docx files. Your submittal will always be in the form of a .pdf file. The .pdf format is required. Reports submitted in a Microsoft Word format will NOT be considered; they will be returned for resubmission, and a resubmission penalty will be assessed. Microsoft Word allows you to print directly to a .pdf file 8 . I recommend that you give this a try as soon as possible. Do not wait until your first assignment is due to figure out the process. Audience and Motivation Put yourself in the position of having been given the homework problem at your place of professional employment. Compile the information and prepare the report as if your next raise depends on the report 1 Approximately 60%, and perhaps more, of the course grade will be from homework. 2 Words have meanings. When in doubt, use a dictionary. In this particular case, do not confuse comprise and compose . The whole comprises the parts and the parts compose the whole. For example, the Union comprises fifty states, while fifty states compose the Union. 3 Both of these components will be submitted electronically. 4 Any time that you spend improving your writing skills will payoff throughout your career....
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ReportGuidelines.pdf - CE 3101 Fall 2011 Report Guidelines...

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