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SWS_Grading_Diagram - Annotated University of Minnesota...

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Unformatted text preview: Annotated University of Minnesota Uniform Grade Definitions ada- edfrorn -:lfw\nrw1.umn.edulusenai uolicieslradi 1 -'ol .html A Exemplary Achievement [i.e., work or performance] that is outstanding relative necessary to meet course [or assignment] requirements B Very Good Achievement [i.e.. work or performance} that is significantly above the level necessary to meet course [or assignment} requirements ‘7 c Satisfactory Achievement [i.e., work or performance] that meets the course [or assignment] requirements in every respect [Note: As and Bs signify that the quality of the work or performance exceeds basic competence and that all requirements have been fully met] 11 D Marginal Achievement that is worthy of credit even though it faiis to meet fully the course [or assignment] requirements [Work or performance that fails to meet [Work or performance that meets all {Work or performance thalfails to meet all ail requirements; what has been requirements but does so below a basic requirements and to achieve a basic level of compieled is at least competent] level of competence] competence, but Is not considered fairing] Represents failure (or no credit) and signifies that the work was either (1) completed but at a level of achievement that is not worthy of credit or (2) was not completed and there was no agreement between the instructor and the student that the student would be awarded an I ...
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