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Peer Edit Traci Southard - My First Extended Stay Away From...

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My First Extended Stay Away From Home By Traci Southard I was thrilled. I was not scared. Really, I was not—not the least bit scared. I would be leaving my mom and dad, my bedroom(,) and all of my creature comforts to go out on my own for three whole days! My church youth group had raised money for eight months to pay for this trip. That was four bake sales, two car washes, a Halloween pumpkin sale(,) and carrying around a case full of $1.00 candy bars convincing the elderly that a chocolate-covered, peanut-butter-covered, caramel-covered peanut cluster was a great addition to their diabetic meal plans. It all seemed so exciting, three days(,) and two nights in Mohawk Mountain Ski Lodge. I watched the national weather reports for a month worrying about the lack of snow. My dad assured me that the ski lodge could make snow if they needed to, but I was convinced that it was not the same unless it was falling from the sky. (Do not start a sentence with but)But sure enough, two days before we headed north, a Noreaster struck New England. I was not sure exactly what a
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