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Peer Edit Barbara Balsamo - the conversation never got...

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My First Date I went on my first real date with a guy named Chris. I was about sixteen years old ,and Chris had asked me to go out with him about five times. Then (omit then) (F)finally I said I would go out with him. He assured me it would be the best date I will ever have. He took me to Magic Kingdom, The Rainforest Café, and back to Magic kingdom for the parade (,)and fireworks. When he picked me up for our date he wouldn’t tell me where we were going(,)he said it was a secret. To my surprise we pulled up to Magic Kingdom. I’m not sure how he found out that I loved Disney, but I was very impressed. We rode the rides, watched the shows, and went shopping. We left Magic Kingdom sometime in the late afternoon. Chris took my to downtown Disney to go to dinner at the Rainforest Café. I had never been there before(,) but it was great. The restaurant (was)beautiful, it actually looked like a rainforest. We talked for about two hours ,
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Unformatted text preview: the conversation never got boring. After dinner Chris took me back to Magic kingdom to watch the parade(,) and fireworks. We got there early so we went over near the castle(,) and sat(,) and waited for the parade. We talked for a little while about how I kept saying no when he asked me out, and how I was glad that I had finally said yes. We watched the parade then during the firework show he kissed me. Chris really worked hard to make our first date special, he payed attention to every little detail. After our first date together we dated on and off for about five years. He took me on a vacation to Disney for a week(,) and we went back to Magic Kingdom. Before the firework show we near the castle, where we shared our first kiss. When the fireworks started he asked me to marry him. It didn’t work out the way we hoped(,) however we are still dating each other and I will never forget that first date with Chris....
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