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1 i Outline I. Nature A. Personality 1. Play a. Boys will play with fire trucks and girls will play with Barbies b. Girls will play with other girls and boys will play with other boys 2.Cognitive a. Children know that there are two sexes b. Children know that they are either a girl or boy 3. Actions a. Women are more cautious while men take more risks b. Men are less willing to be helpful than women B. Physical 1. Brain a. Men are less emotional than women b. Women are less act first think later 2. Body a. Men are born stronger, bigger b. Women are born fragile and dainty II. Nurture A. Education 1. Teachers a. Girls are taught that they are not as smart, boys are given more chances b. Boys are held to higher standards 2. Social Network a. Boys are taught to be aggressive b. Girls are taught to be sweet B. Culture 1. Family a. Girls are expected to stay at home b. Boys are expected to get a job 2. Friends a. Boys taught that it isn’t manly to act feminine b. Girls are taught that being masculine isn’t correct C. Situations 1. Love a. Women are taught to be more open b. Men are taught to be closed off 2. Work a. Women are not expected to succeed b. Men are taught to be empowered
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1 Dr. Rene O’Brien-Hughs Enc 1101 V1 11/18/07 Sex Differences: Nature Vs. Nurture Is the reason why your son plays with fire trucks and your daughter plays with dolls because they have learned so, or because they know that is what boys play with and what girls play with? It is the great debate. Do we do things because we have learned it or because there is something inside of us unconsciencely telling us to do so? Nature vs. nurture in gender differences has been the study of many scientists in trying to figure out what makes us act the way we act. There have been many good reasons for both causes and I plan on representing both sides to maybe put some focus on this difficult issue. Lets start with nature and the two areas I believe are classified under it, personality and physical. Personality makes up who a person is. Three categories that fall under personality when it comes to nature in gender differences are play, cognitive, and actions. The way children play gives a great insight to how nature affects gender differences. “Starting in the preschool years, boys and girls congregate primarily with other children of their sex, and most prefer the toys and games of their own sex. They will play together if required to, but given the choice they usually choose to play with same-sex friends. The kind of play that young boys and girls enjoy also differs, on average. Little boys, like young males in all primate species, are more likely than females to go in for physical roughhousing, risk taking, and aggressive displays, These sex differences occur all over the world, almost regardless of how adults treat children - for example, whether they encourage boys and girls to play together or separate them. Similarly, many parents lament that although they try to give their children the same toys, it makes no difference; their
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Research Paper Finished Version - 1i Outline I Nature A...

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