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Three Goals Essay - Three Goals Essay Sydney Smith...

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Three Goals Essay Sydney Smith said, "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals." I am a firm believer in goals, and I have many, but there are three that are the most important. The first of my three is to complete my education, the second is to be financially secure, and the third is to have a successful career. I remain focused to achieve these and start with education. Completing my education is the goal I am currently working on, right now I am working on my associates through DBCC, I later plan to move to New York to complete my Bachelors at Marist College. My ultimate dream is to move to California to attend Berkley for my masters. I realize the importance of an education, and how it is the building block for everything else. Being financially secure has always been a top goal, this can be achieved through an education. Coming from parents who had no education and who did nothing for there children it has made my own goals stronger. To me being financially secure doesn't mean being rich, it
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