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Optimisim Essay Critique - Christina Sayfoot

Optimisim Essay Critique - Christina Sayfoot - 1Christina...

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1Christina Sayfoot Formal Essay #3 Optimism September 30, 2007 Exude Optimism Optimism cannot be exuded (think you should reword it to make exude more defined) without a little pessimism to put things in perspective. If you go around, day in and day out, thinking the world is out to get you, well you are wrong. Being optimistic allows you to see beyond that. Acknowledging my past for what it was, so I can live life to the fullest and have a hopeful future (,) makes me an optimist. As a child, I was taught that most things would only lead to disappointment. As a result, I came to resent my parents for most of my childhood. (Take out “Not just”, and put, “I didn’t just resent them”. ..) Not just for the choices they made, but mostly for the lack of encouragement and negativity they instilled in me. However, acknowledging my past for what it was has helped me tremendously. (Take out “It” and put “My past”) It has taught me that dwelling on it will only makes things worse
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