Chapter 3 Learning Objectives

Chapter 3 Learning Objectives - How are sociobiology and...

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1 Chapter 3: Genes, Evolution, and Environment 1. How are evolutionary psychology and behavioral genetics related to each other? How are genes, DNA, chromosomes, and amino acids related to one another? What are genetic markers? What is the principle of natural selection? What are 5 innate human characteristics? What is the difference between the deep structure and the surface structure of a language? What are 5 converging lines of research evidence in support of the language acquisition device?
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Unformatted text preview: How are sociobiology and evolutionary psychology related? What is a sociobiological explanation for the different sexual strategies of women and men? What is a ?genetic leash?? What is a heritability estimate and how is it computed? What are 3 important considerations to keep in mind when interpreting heritability estimates? What evidence is there that intelligence has a strong genetic component, and what evidence is there that intelligence has a strong environmental component?...
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